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GPT CONSULT LLP are a leading provider of Authorising Engineering and Consultancy Services to NHS Trusts and private healthcare providers.

Our services are carried out in accordance with NHS Guidance and our Engineers are registered AEs with IHEEM and/or the SVH Society.

The code we work to is stated in
HTM-00 (2014):

The code we work to is stated in HTM-00 (2014):

"The AE will act as an independent professional adviser to the healthcare organisation. The AE should be appointed by the organisation with a brief to provide services in accordance with health technical memoranda guidance. This may vary in accordance with the specialist service being supported."

"The AE will act as assessor and make recommendations for the appointment of Authorised Persons, monitor the performance of the service, and provide an annual audit to the Designated Person. To carry out this role effectively, particularly with regard to audit, it is preferable that the AE remains independent of the operational structure of the Trust."

Healthcare organisations can enter into contractual agreements with qualified and accredited independent, professional organisations to allow them to discharge their relevant guidance obligations in this matter. In entering into such agreements however, healthcare organisations must ensure that the proposed nominated AE is indeed qualified and accredited by appropriate accreditation bodies, such as IHEEM.

We will provide independent, impartial and bespoke consultancy services such as System Auditing, Personnel Assessments and Training, Compliance Reviews and Action Planning we help guide our clients comply and understand the various NHS guidance that applies to healthcare engineering and ventilation.

This will include all relevant HSE guidelines, legislation and compliance. 

As Authorising Engineers, we will share our knowledge and expertise in a holistic manner to support our clients in delivering a safe an efficient healthcare estate.

No two clients are alike, and we will provide a personal, bespoke, independent and impartial services which fits the needs of each individual clients.




As an industry leader in healthcare ventilation, we are committed to solving engineering problems and disputes efficiently and economically, by dealing with all parties in a respectful and collaborative manner.

We provide a consistently high-quality service to our clients based on over 150-years of collective experience within healthcare engineering, ventilation and the wider construction industry. 

Advice and opinion which we provide to our clients is based on an accurate evaluation and appreciation of technical issues and the requirement of the healthcare sector. and a first-hand understanding of the construction industry.

We have an in-house team of ventilation experts, including a qualified solicitor, as well as comprehensive knowledge and experience of all engineering disciplines of building services relating to healthcare.

In addition to our in-house team, we can call on other specialists who are acknowledged leaders in their respective fields, including fire, acoustics, water, pressure systems and medical gases.



We are working closely with our NHS Trusts and other healthcare organisations in order to deliver the NHS objective of achieving Net Zero Carbon targets by 2050.

This includes leading sustainability with our clients and driving innovative methods of energy saving which can be applied to healthcare ventilation without compromising the safety and wellbeing of patients and staff.

We are working closely with IHEEM’s Environmental Sustainability Technical Platform



We act as Technical Advisors to many of our NHS Trusts where the main objective is to protect the interests of our clients, by ensuring that the engineering designs comply with:

  • NHS best practice guidance, represent value for money, and that the engineering services are fully co-ordinated with each other and the building fabric.

  • Are energy efficient, sustainable, can be properly commissioned and easily maintained and replaced as necessary during the projected lifetime of the various systems.

  • We will also ensure that the systems are compliant with all appropriate standards and legislation.

Our desire is always to become involved as early as possible on a project because we believe that getting the early design brief agreed between all stakeholders will ensure that the design process will run smoothly which in turn will lead to project programme and cost certainty.

Where requested to do so by a client, we will peer review every drawing, specification and equipment schedule to ensure that the correct environmental conditions are being delivered to each room and the building as a whole.

Our role is to support the design team and to probe and question in a polite manner if we feel that there are omissions or mistakes.


Our objective is to support the design team in delivering a compliant project which can be properly commissioned, free from defect and easily operated and maintained during its lifetime. 


On completion of a major project or upgrade works, we are able to we are able to independently VALIDATE the project in accordance with the requirements of HTM-03 (2021 Part A, Section 12.

All new and refurbished ventilation systems should be independently validated prior to acceptance by the client. 

Validation differs from commissioning in that its purpose is to look at the complete installation from air intake to extract discharge and assess its “fitness for purpose as a whole”. This involves examining the fabric of the building being served by the system and inspecting the ventilation equipment fitted as well as measuring the actual ventilation performance - Validation is not a snagging exercise:

Validation is a process of proving that the system in its entirety is fit for purpose and achieves the operating performance originally specified. It will normally be a condition of contract that “The system will be acceptable to the client if at the time of validation, it is considered fit for purpose and will only require routine maintenance in order to remain so for its projected life.”


We also directly employ a team of Authorised Persons for Ventilation, AP(V) who undertake a multitude of tasks in supports of our AEs.

These tasks include: ​​


• Clerk of Works and project inspections.

• Witnessing and Testing – Factory Inspections

• Condition Surveys.


• Mentoring of client staff.

• Acting as interim AP(V) for a client.

• Maintenance systems and PPM planning


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